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"Women in time to come will do much"

If you show service to anyone do it willingly.

Be kind and merciful towards the poor and do not call them beggars.

Do good and do it well.

Be merry and doubt not our master.

Love and speak the truth at all times.

Act not out of fear but solely from love.

Almighty God loves a cheerful giver.

The best way to bear troubles is to thank God for them.

God is rich enough for us all.


1. We believe in the dignity and the worth of each student and recognize the importance of their responsibilities to fellow-men in the wodd comity. 2 Youth should hove equal opportunities he education consistent with their in&nduol capabilities and with personal ond sociol neede. 3.Education should be encouraged in ihe students to d.hp penond values and thinking process which will Ioci theii inligentAi4iiy to the changing society. 4. Each student musidevelop (i) Arnasterydlheskill01communicoeonandloorning (ii) Theabityiothinkcleorly, logically and indp.ndeny. (iii) Understoncng and*on 01 Cuhurol, Scieneilic Economics. Pditical, ideas and practsces. (iv) Good k.o and phytcd 1itnes enabling the students to live an energetic. wholesome and productive lile. (v) Appreciat. ethical and cultural values

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