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"Women in time to come will do much"

If you show service to anyone do it willingly.

Be kind and merciful towards the poor and do not call them beggars.

Do good and do it well.

Be merry and doubt not our master.

Love and speak the truth at all times.

Act not out of fear but solely from love.

Almighty God loves a cheerful giver.

The best way to bear troubles is to thank God for them.

God is rich enough for us all.




1.      Three years on 1st April is the age of admission to Nursery. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for subsequent classes.

2.      Formal admission is completed only after the application form has been considered by the Principal and the parent informed of the decision after an entrance test/interaction of the child.

3.      A student joining the school for the first time must produce a satisfactory evidence of the date of birth from the Nagar Palika / Nagar Nigam / Gram Pradhan. Date of birth once recorded will not be changed.

4.      A certain number of seats are reserved for SC/ST candidates.

5.      No student will be admitted to the school without a transfer certificate from the school which he/she attended. In no case shall the pupil permitted to attend the class pending formal admission.

6.      A student who does not complete the school calendar year is not eligible for promotion. Hence admission will be made accordingly.

7.      In all cases of re-admission the admission fee will be charged again.

8.      Student coming from other towns / district on transfer could be considered in case of vacancies, only after an Entrance Test.

9.      The Principal reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to anybody without assigning any reason, for his action.


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