Affiliation No.: 2131667 School No.: 71366

"Women in time to come will do much"

If you show service to anyone do it willingly.

Be kind and merciful towards the poor and do not call them beggars.

Do good and do it well.

Be merry and doubt not our master.

Love and speak the truth at all times.

Act not out of fear but solely from love.

Almighty God loves a cheerful giver.

The best way to bear troubles is to thank God for them.

God is rich enough for us all.

Director's Message


 Co-opreation leads to the great success of life, both direct and indirect ways. At first I would like to thank   my family for their full help and support in developing the school day by day. I am thankful to my all friends, colleagues and well wishers from the core of my heart for their co-operation.

I also express my gratitude towards the members of Managing Committee for their good and valuable advices to enrich the glory of this school time to time. Last but not the least I remember all those people who inspire and guide me in patronizing the academic system of the school.

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